Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring! It's here!

Don’t you just love Spring? The trees are beginning to bud out, the birds are twittering in the trees, and the rabbits are hopping around the yard doing a little happy dance.

Last year at this time we had just moved from Louisiana to our new home in Arizona, and I was frantically getting everything ready for our trip around the world. I’ve been telling you some of the great things we saw on that trip, and I promise I have a lot more to show you.

Now, finally, we’re at home, moved in, and beginning our new life. Tom has built me a chicken coop and a garden, a storage room and he’s almost done with a big new porch. Right now he’s working on a horse pen so his new horse can come home.

And I’ve begun working on my new website, JewelMania – An Etsy Shop. You can see the photos of some of my jewelry in the Etsy Mini on the top left of this blog, or you can just head on over to the site and have a look around. I’m steadily adding new items, so there’s always something new to look at.

In addition to seeing all the new jewelry I’m creating, you can take advantage of my April sale. For the month of April you can buy any item on my site, and get half off the second item. All you need to do is mention this blog post in your notes when you order, and I’ll be happy to refund the difference via PayPal. If you send a Money Order as payment, just take the half off the price of the second item and send me the balance.

Of course there have to be rules, so true to form, here’s the rules. The second item has to be the same or lesser value than the first item. But, you can use the same sale to purchase two more items. In that case, you can get an even better deal by grouping the two higher priced items and the two lower priced items to get the maximum savings.


  1. Spring has sprung here in Tenerife too. At last the cooler weather is leaving and we can look forward to blue skies every morning. A horse pen! My grand-daughter would be so jealous.

  2. Yes, getting a horse is one of the things Tom, my husband, has been planning to do once we get things settled in our new home. Little did we know, Jack would be needing a home a little sooner than we had planned.

    Jack has a problem with his leg, which means he can walk or trot, but he can't canter much. He was once a race horse worth quite a bit of money, until he hurt his leg. Now he can't do his job too well at the riding school, so Tom and I agreed to give him a home.

    Jack will be perfect for Tom, since they're both a little crippled. And since I haven't done a lot of riding in my life, he'll be good for me, too.

    The best part is Jack is very smart and very personable. And he likes me a lot. That's a great plus since I never saw a horse that thought much of me. So, here we go. Tomorrow, Jack comes to his new home. And tomorrow, Tom can begin living the life he had been planning on all those years ago.